Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I came.. I saw.. I fell in love.
LA was friggin awesome.  I absolutely loved it.
The LA store is so cool.  The space is so bright.  Completely full of natural light and the
coolest furniture, the space just totally kicks ass.  The major pieces of furniture were custom
made by a local artist.  Everything from the table to the floor is made of reclaimed wood.
There is a common color of green that pops up through the fixtures and flooring which
makes the extremely minimal look of the room really interesting.  The entire back wall is a sliding door fixture made of vintage doors that I chose from Pasadena Architectural Salvage.  I had a lot of fun
with the team putting the store together.

Our first purchase of the day was made by comedian Zach Galifianakis.
Signed our first dollar.  I think that was a pretty sweet start to our soft opening.
The product is fantastic! They have a major focus on Rugger and also carry the Gant by Michael Bastian collection. If you are in the Abbot Kinney area stop in!
We're like... kinda cool.