Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Ok dude, at this point you probably have about 15 button down shirts in your closet.  I can confidently guess that 3 are white, 2 are wild cards (yellow or some awful shade of maroon.. who the f knows) and 10 are different variations of blue stripes.  It's time to update your work/evening attire and get some bold colors in your closet!! And yes.. gingham, madras and stripes are great ways to add color and pattern to your wardrobe, but the solid oxford is what's trending right now and they look amazing matched back to jeans and chinos.  Throw them under a gingham blazer or denim jacket.  The Gant Rugger Dreamy Oxford shown above is perfect and it comes in a shit ton of colors.. but my favorite is the indigo.  It has a tapered body, vintage wash, chest pocket and button down collar.  It's simple. And simple is sexy.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Vintage Shoe Company 

If you're a normal guy and you appreciate well made products and have a sense of style, then this post is for you.  A few guys that I work with sport these shoes and personally, I fell in love with them from just looking at them.  They have a fantastic aesthetic!  But when I decided to write this post and did a little research on them.. basically... my panties dropped.  Figuratively not literally.

Vintage Shoe Company has a great story behind them that goes hand in hand with the quality of their products. The company concept is based off of the archives, craftsmanship, materials and historic designs of the famous H. H. Brown footwear company.

H. H. Brown was an American footwear company that opened its factory doors in 1883 in Natick Massachusetts.  They created the original Corcoran Jump Boot worn by American paratroopers in the US Military in the 1940's.  They also designed work footwear and cowboy boots for the working people across the nation.  The Vintage Shoe Company collection pays tribute specifically to these American classics that H. H. Brown designed and manufactured between 1883-1960's.

Each Vintage shoe is handcrafted and handled by skilled stitchers.  Even the shoe boxes are handmade.
To learn more about the Vintage Shoe Company people and story click here, and to shop the shoes go to vintageshoecompany.com.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012



One time.. I dated this guy for like 2.5 years, and his idea of getting a haircut was to get a
"high and tight".  Not because he liked the way it looked or because we live in 100+ degree weather...
in New England..  it was because it would allow him to wait like a full month/month and a half before
it grew out and he had to get it cut again.  And every time I would see this hair style I would vomit
in my mouth and want to die.  I eventually convinced him to grow it out and trim it from time to time.
It was like having a child.  Boys.

Anyways! I am now putting my foot in my mouth because the good ol' high and tight is back...
and in style!  It's growing on me and it really does fit the new polished, tailored look that has been
swiffering the nation of males these days.  Short and clean on the sides and a little longer up top.
Details.com tells you how to get the look!

Just in time for summer! When sensible style happens to men.. there's nothing better.

Monday, April 16, 2012


It has been a long journey and a successful one. 
I finally got my brother to buy actual fitted jeans.  I think he looks great. 

When cloths fit your body, that's when you look your best.  
Boys, you don't need to wear the skin tight jeggings to sport the more fitted look, 
which is what  most guys think of when they think "skinny jeans".  Not true.  You can wear a fitted jean and still have them be a bit baggy.  It's really all in the opening of the leg and ankle.  A more tapered ankle is what is trending.  

A lot of guys turn to a bootcut jean.. or as I like to call them "flared jeans".. as a more updated denim look.  I personally don't like bootcut.  They are better than those awful American Eagle straight leg jeans that seemed to have survived the early 2000's and still inhabit most straight guy's closets,  but I don't think they are flattering.  9 times out of 10 guys wear the wrong shoes with a bootcut pant.  
Boat shoes, dress shoes.... drivers... don't look good with bootcut jeans.  

I mean that's just my opinion........ and honestly.. what do I know?

Getting back on topic, these brown suede chukka boots by Clarks look great with these fitted jeans that were purchased at Urban Outfitters, along with his hat and T-shirt.  Tattoos were existing.  He was a hipster at heart the whole time!  Didn't even know it. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Teddy Schwartz 
By Comme Des Garcons.
Shop them online at Barneys.


Canadian Tuxedos have been oot and aboot for a while now, but before recent they've always been done wrong.... So very wrong. UNTIL NOW. Check it oot!

We have Mr. Thomas Parker on the left with a more literal and casual version of the denim on denim look.  On the right we have Teddy Schwartz in an "office tuxedo".  Chambray shirt matched back to light colored Stick Boy jeans.  Top it off with a navy blazer and tie and you have a dressier look. Both guys look like someone I'd date aka they look fantastic! 

Both boys are in head to toe Rugger, including that cognac leather portfolio case.  Sexy.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Teddy Schwartz

Color is an obvious Spring trend, however most guys only wear their color on their top half.  
Boys, colored denim is huge right now.  There are so many options for you out there ie Paige Denim, 
J Brand, Rag & Bone... to name a few.  The pants shown above are ACNE.  If you can't wrap your head around colored denim, try a colored summer chino to ease into a bright bottom.  
Check out Gant Rugger's options!

If you are a little more daring with your look, throw on a bright colored shoe like these royal blue suede chukkas seen above!  This particular outfit was "topped" off with a casual white oxford.  
It made my tiny black heart beat faster. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This guy knew what he was doing on that one warm overcast day in New York. 
I felt like applauding him as he ran by me.  Perfect execution of a Spring/Summer happy sock.
Keepin' it real and keepin' it bright.  Sprinkle in some neutrals and you're done. 

Monday, April 2, 2012


It's time for madras! 
Spring is here, Easter is around the corner and madras is the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe. 
These shirts add color and pattern effortlessly.  Throw one on with a pair of cuffed fitted jeans and some penny loafers sans socks and you're good to go! 

And yes I said penny loafers.  Over here in my men's fashion world we are pairing all of our Spring/Summer looks back to penny loafers creating a more polished and tailored feel to your casual ensembles.