Monday, November 21, 2011



With the holidays just around the corner, many of you will be needing some sweet holiday ensembles to show off at your annual office party as you get drunk off nog!  A great piece to complete a holiday look is your classic holiday sweater.  GANT Rugger and GANT by Michael Bastian sweaters are perfect for the holiday season.  They're pretty kick ass, the quality is great and they have a quirky edge.

GANT by Michael Bastian
The Cardinal Fairisle Crew reminds me of your classic "ugly Christmas sweater."
It's pretty awesome.
It's definitely suited for a more fashion forward confident guy.
GANT Rugger
I love the Salt and Pepper Crew for it's asymmetric design.

GANT by Michael Bastian
I saw a guy try this Brushed Alpaca Fullzip on the other day and it was amazing.

GANT Rugger
The Cable looks like your classic "Irish sweater" but without the bulkiness.
It's has a fitting trim cut to it and is another one that looks amazing on.

GANT by Michael Bastian
The Marled Shetland Halfzip is freakin amazing.
Sock Monkey Mania!

GANT Rugger
The Jacquard V-Neck has a bad ass preppy look when
layered under a fitting blazer or suit!

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Thursday, November 10, 2011


Warby Parker | Men's Sunwear | Jasper Marine Slate

Seeing as I'm new to New York I look to my friends to show me the cheaper side of the city.. so that I don't bleed money every time I walk out the door.  A month or two ago I found these awesome glasses that were almost perfect.  They were perfect color (half navy blue and half tortoise), the perfect frame for my face (which I never seem to find), but of course.. the price wasn't so perfect at $395.  I shared this info with one of my guy friends and his response was "that's robbery" and told me about Warby Parker.

Warby Parker not only sells amazing eyewear for the respectable price of $95 for frames and prescriptions, but they set run by appointment so one of their specialists will fit a frame to your face shape.  They also have a "Do Good" program which donates a pair of eye glasses to people in need with every purchase.

If you're not in the New York area it's totally fine!  You can order online and with their "home try-on" policy there is a hassle free return policy.  This is an over all win win win win win situation.

If you aren't a four eyed freak don't feel left out!  They sell sunglasses too.




To view more styles and colors go to 

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I deem it appropriate that my first man post be on Hump Day and be about a brand and individual that put my home city of Boston on the map in the world of apparel and graphic t's.  I'm talking about Johnny Cupcakes.  The company is way more than just a t-shirt company.  This company has an inspiring story, some kick ass branding and a crazy following.

Johnny, from what I understand, is a straight edge kid that decided to capitalize on what he saw as an opportunity.   In a nutshell he went to college.. wasn't feeling it... dropped out.. designed a t-shirt...  everyone wanted it aaaaaand BAM! Johnny Cupcakes.  Ya, ya I know.. there's a lot more to his story, and it's actually pretty inspiring.  Who doesn't love a great "normy" to riches story?  But this blog is about men's clothing and fashion sooo moving on! If you want to read more about Johnny's life and story click here!

If you're ever in the Boston area you A) have to experience Newbury Street and B) have to stop by the JCC store @ 279 Newbury St.  The shop, set up like a bakery, is clean, graphic and and brilliantly merchandised.. which is perfect for you males out there that like to go in to a store, grab what you need and go!  From the fixtures to the packaging, the JCC branding is on another level.

The brand has expanded so much since the classic cupcake and crossbones shirt .  JCC has teamed up with graphic designers, artists, photographers and some pretty well known brands like Hello Kitty (more geared toward the girls)!  A favorite around my South Boston apartment.  Their most recent collaboration with Nickelodeon is sick.... Ahh Real Monsters!?  I mean come on.  That's awesome.

I'm sorry, but Rocco's Modern life!!!?  Spunky???  Heffer!!!!  Shit.  Those were the days.

There's a lot more to come from Johnny and his Cupcakes and I'm excited to see what's next.
And you bet your ass I'll be covering it.

If you're reading this right now... go to the website and buy your first JCC t-shirt... if you already have one?  Buy another.  Duh.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011


Boy meets girl... Girl meets menswear.

To figure out where my passion for men's styling began, you would have to look back to my past relationships.  The one commonality between all of the boys had to be my urge to shop for them... whether they had style or not.  Becoming an actual men's stylist only heightened my fixation.  Every male mannequin and male model I styled would encompass all of the different personalities and styles of the guys I have dated, or would like to date, ie hippie, preppy young republican, rocker.... plumber.
Now.. I just thrive off this shit.

Over the past couple months, as I started my first blog, I managed to capitalize on my crazy obsession with men's clothing and sportswear.  I started posting every Wednesday for the boys and I noticed something funny.  Though all of my "followers" were girls and gays, I had this underground following of straight guys.  Numerous guys would come up to me on the sly and try to secretly tell me that they followed my blog and then felt the need to tell me that they weren't "gay".  Ha!  They would be like "ireadyourblog.. SOMETIMES... not all the time, just the man post ones!" and I'd be like "huh?" and they'd be like "I READ YOUR BLOG.. GOD."

You's guys are so funny.

I mean it's true.  The Life of a Paperdoll does have a female focus and I don't blame my straights for feeling "gay" reading it.  Which brings us here.  I felt it was time to make a more "manly" blog.  A home for The Man Post.  A fashion blog for the everyday guy's guy.  I want this site to be a go-to-guide for basics, fashion, manccessories and a what-to-wear to get a girl all hot and bothered.  As for my gays? I really don't think you need this... you've never really let me down in the fashion arena (unless your name is Michael Kors, OOOO!), but I will welcome you with open arms of course.

I'm excited for this next blogging chapter and I hope you are too!

I welcome questions, comments and suggestions of all kinds! So bring it on boys!