Sunday, November 6, 2011


Boy meets girl... Girl meets menswear.

To figure out where my passion for men's styling began, you would have to look back to my past relationships.  The one commonality between all of the boys had to be my urge to shop for them... whether they had style or not.  Becoming an actual men's stylist only heightened my fixation.  Every male mannequin and male model I styled would encompass all of the different personalities and styles of the guys I have dated, or would like to date, ie hippie, preppy young republican, rocker.... plumber.
Now.. I just thrive off this shit.

Over the past couple months, as I started my first blog, I managed to capitalize on my crazy obsession with men's clothing and sportswear.  I started posting every Wednesday for the boys and I noticed something funny.  Though all of my "followers" were girls and gays, I had this underground following of straight guys.  Numerous guys would come up to me on the sly and try to secretly tell me that they followed my blog and then felt the need to tell me that they weren't "gay".  Ha!  They would be like "ireadyourblog.. SOMETIMES... not all the time, just the man post ones!" and I'd be like "huh?" and they'd be like "I READ YOUR BLOG.. GOD."

You's guys are so funny.

I mean it's true.  The Life of a Paperdoll does have a female focus and I don't blame my straights for feeling "gay" reading it.  Which brings us here.  I felt it was time to make a more "manly" blog.  A home for The Man Post.  A fashion blog for the everyday guy's guy.  I want this site to be a go-to-guide for basics, fashion, manccessories and a what-to-wear to get a girl all hot and bothered.  As for my gays? I really don't think you need this... you've never really let me down in the fashion arena (unless your name is Michael Kors, OOOO!), but I will welcome you with open arms of course.

I'm excited for this next blogging chapter and I hope you are too!

I welcome questions, comments and suggestions of all kinds! So bring it on boys!


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