Tuesday, April 17, 2012



One time.. I dated this guy for like 2.5 years, and his idea of getting a haircut was to get a
"high and tight".  Not because he liked the way it looked or because we live in 100+ degree weather...
in New England..  it was because it would allow him to wait like a full month/month and a half before
it grew out and he had to get it cut again.  And every time I would see this hair style I would vomit
in my mouth and want to die.  I eventually convinced him to grow it out and trim it from time to time.
It was like having a child.  Boys.

Anyways! I am now putting my foot in my mouth because the good ol' high and tight is back...
and in style!  It's growing on me and it really does fit the new polished, tailored look that has been
swiffering the nation of males these days.  Short and clean on the sides and a little longer up top.
Details.com tells you how to get the look!

Just in time for summer! When sensible style happens to men.. there's nothing better.

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