Monday, April 16, 2012


It has been a long journey and a successful one. 
I finally got my brother to buy actual fitted jeans.  I think he looks great. 

When cloths fit your body, that's when you look your best.  
Boys, you don't need to wear the skin tight jeggings to sport the more fitted look, 
which is what  most guys think of when they think "skinny jeans".  Not true.  You can wear a fitted jean and still have them be a bit baggy.  It's really all in the opening of the leg and ankle.  A more tapered ankle is what is trending.  

A lot of guys turn to a bootcut jean.. or as I like to call them "flared jeans".. as a more updated denim look.  I personally don't like bootcut.  They are better than those awful American Eagle straight leg jeans that seemed to have survived the early 2000's and still inhabit most straight guy's closets,  but I don't think they are flattering.  9 times out of 10 guys wear the wrong shoes with a bootcut pant.  
Boat shoes, dress shoes.... drivers... don't look good with bootcut jeans.  

I mean that's just my opinion........ and honestly.. what do I know?

Getting back on topic, these brown suede chukka boots by Clarks look great with these fitted jeans that were purchased at Urban Outfitters, along with his hat and T-shirt.  Tattoos were existing.  He was a hipster at heart the whole time!  Didn't even know it. 

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