Monday, April 23, 2012


Vintage Shoe Company 

If you're a normal guy and you appreciate well made products and have a sense of style, then this post is for you.  A few guys that I work with sport these shoes and personally, I fell in love with them from just looking at them.  They have a fantastic aesthetic!  But when I decided to write this post and did a little research on them.. basically... my panties dropped.  Figuratively not literally.

Vintage Shoe Company has a great story behind them that goes hand in hand with the quality of their products. The company concept is based off of the archives, craftsmanship, materials and historic designs of the famous H. H. Brown footwear company.

H. H. Brown was an American footwear company that opened its factory doors in 1883 in Natick Massachusetts.  They created the original Corcoran Jump Boot worn by American paratroopers in the US Military in the 1940's.  They also designed work footwear and cowboy boots for the working people across the nation.  The Vintage Shoe Company collection pays tribute specifically to these American classics that H. H. Brown designed and manufactured between 1883-1960's.

Each Vintage shoe is handcrafted and handled by skilled stitchers.  Even the shoe boxes are handmade.
To learn more about the Vintage Shoe Company people and story click here, and to shop the shoes go to

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