Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fashion Week 2012: Gant by Michael Bastian

The Bastian Boys: Boston Collection

 BOOM! Wallet chain.

If you stare closely at his crotch you can see
the small embroidered shamrocks. Mmmm that's nice.

I absolutely love the flip shades.

The Gant Boys.
Aren't they handsome?

This collection is amazing.  Michael is the king of the mismatched, overly layered to perfection look.  No one else can put patterns and textures together the way he does.  The overall feel of the Boston collection was definitely sporty with a quirky/preppy edge.  The space was completely black and white with psychedelic patterns and prints on the walls and floors.  The drinks were fantastic, each with a different name that went along with the collection ie The Boxer and The Preppy.  

His collection is very heavily influenced by menswear.  His girls have a very androgynous look to them and his guys always have a rugged "wilderness man" feel.  I am really excited for those Tartan pants I must say!..and of course... the wallet chain!

Bravo Michael! Bravo!

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  1. I love that striped sweater under the down vest look. Rugged and hot.


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