Thursday, June 14, 2012


Today, my original muse, Teddy received his birthday gift (from himself) in the mail (I've met my match in the birthday whore department by the way).  A brand spankin' new pair of boat shoes!  Now you've probably already guessed that they're not your typical boat shoe or Sperry and YOU'RE RIGHT!  They aren't.  They are by Quoddy and they are handmade in Maine.

Quoddy specializes in making moccasins that form to your foot and each shoe is made to order.  Because they are made to order it takes about 6 weeks until your new shoes reach your feet.. but from what I heard from across my desk, it was well worth the wait.

Personally, when I saw the shoe out of its box I was bored.  I thought it looked like every other boat shoe I've seen before.  I'm not a fan of the boat shoe, but I must say... these look fantastic on.  And more importantly, if a guy who mostly cares about fashion and aesthetic could only talk about how comfortable they were..  well then that's just impressive.

Form and Function.. You really can have it all.  The comfort/fit comes from the hand stitched sole. Stitching the sole, rather than gluing the sole to the bottom of the shoe, allows more movement.  This allows the shoe to easily form to your foot rather than forcing your foot to form to the shoe.

These shoes have a lifetime guarantee as well.  You can send them back at any time for repair.
Maine is so sweet in so many ways!

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